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About Samleikin

About Samleikin

Samleikin is a new Faroese digital login and signature.

Samleikin is available as an app for smartphones and tablets, or as an USB stick for computers.

Samleikin is available to everyone over the age of 13 and with Faroese P-tal.

Digital login

Samleikin can be used to log in to digital services such as Vangin and Borgaragluggin.

Overview of service providers using Samleikin as login can be seen on the link below.

Service providers

How to use Samleikin:

• Go to the app or website that you want to log in to
• Press 'Login with Samleikin’
• Type in your P-tal

See instructions below

Digital signature

Samleikin can be used as digital signature for services using Samleikin.

Digital signature has the same legal effect as handwritten signature.

The process for digital signature is the same as logging in.

Each service provider decides if digital signature is offered or not.

Terms and conditions

You can read the terms and conditions by following the link below.

Terms and conditions

Privacy policy

You can read about how your personal data is used and your rights in this connection by following the link below:

Privacy Policy

Legal repository

See documents and procedures concerning Samleikin by following the link below.

Legal Repository

How to log in with the Samleikin app