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Get Started

How to get Samleikin

You have to register to use Samleikin. You can register in the app or by visiting our service desk at Staravegur 9, Tórshavn. Have your ID at hand when registering.

You will be notified in the app when Samleikin is ready to be used.

Samleikin is available as app and USB stick. Both options provide the same access and fulfill all safety demands.

The app is free. Samleikin is available for everyone who is older than 15 and has a Faroese P-tal.

Download the app:

Samleikin as app

You can download the app, Samleikin, for free in Appstore and Google Play.

Before you can use the app, you need to register. You can do this directly in the app, and then you send an application to our service desk, which will then process the data you provided. You will be notified on the app, when Samleikin is ready to use.

Download the app here:

Samleikin as USB stick

It is possible to get Samleikin as USB stick. The USB stick is avaliable from the service desk at Staravegur 9, Tórshavn.

When receiving the USB stick, you will have to register for Samleikin. Remember to bring your ID. Passport or faroese and danish driver’s licences are approved as ID.

Before using Samleikin on USB stick you need to prepare your computer. See how to set up your computer in the link below:

How to set up computer for USB stick

Registering for Samleikin

You can register directly in the Samleikin app by providing your personal information, taking a picture of your ID and a selfie. Create a PIN and submit the application. The information will be processed by the service desk to ensure coherence between your ID and personal information.

You will be notified in the app, when your application has been processed. Then you will have to activate Samleikin by entering the PIN that you created when registering.

You can register in person by visiting user service at Staravegur 9, Tórshavn. If using Samleikin as USB stick, you will have to register in person.

For online registration, you will need a Faroese/Danish passport or driver's licence. For on site registration, you will need your passport.

How to register for Samleikin
Where can you use Samleikin?
Where can you use Samleikin?