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Foreign passport

Get Samleikin with a foreign passport

People with foreign passports can now register for Samleikin in the app.

If your passport is from another country than the Faroe Islands or Denmark, you need a witness to confirm your identity.

Below you can read more about how you get Samleikin with a foreign passport.

Step 1: Samleikin app

Start by downloading Samleikin app to your phone or tablet from App Store or Google Play.

Download the app:

App Store            Google Play

Follow the instructions in the app to apply for Samleikin. When asked for ID, choose passport.

In the video instruction below, you can see how to apply for Samleikin.

Step 2: Witness Statement

When applying with a foreign passport online, you also need a witness to confirm your identity.

The witness must have a Faroese/Danish passport or driver’s license, have a P-tal and be older than 18 years old.

The witness can submit the statement by Mínboks or hand it in at Staravegur 9 in Tórshavn. If the witness sends it by Mínboks, the receiver is Mínboks. See how you can send emails with Mínboks in the link below

Send post við Mínboks

You can find the statement in the link below. Please remember to sign it before subitting.

Witness Statement in Faroese

Witness Statement in English

Step 3: Book a video meeting

After you have sent in your application, call our service desk at 1881 (+298 351881) and book a video meeting.

Please make sure that the witness submits in the statement before you book the video meeting. We are not able to have the meeting before receiving all documentation.

We will send you an email with a Teams link for the meeting. Please follow the instructions in the email.

The meeting will be held in English or Scandinavnian. If you do not speak these languages, please make sure to have a translator with you. If the translator is not on location with you, please send them the Teams link for the meeting.

Step 4: Activate Samleikin

After the meeting, we will process your application. This can take 1-3 workdays. You will be notified when Samleikin is ready to be activated.


Which passports are recognized ?

Applicants for Samleikin can use passports from countries worldwide to verify their identity. However, please note that passports from four specific countries are currently excluded from the online application process.

The excluded countries are: Cuba, Iran, North Korea and Syria.

If you have a passport from these countries, you will need to register at Samleikin, located at Staravegur 8 in Tórshavn. Call 1881 to book an appointment in advance.