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We are very busy at the moment. Please call 1881 and book an appointment, if you need to register Samleikin at Staravegur 9.


Below you will find instructions to use Samleikin as app and USB stick.

To get help using Samleikin you are welcome to contact user service.

Call us on telephone number 1881 or by email

Service desk is open weekdays from kl 08.00 to 16.30.

Register for Samleikin

You have to register to use Samleikin. You can register in the app or in person by visiting our service desk at Staravegur 9, Tórshavn. Remember to bring your ID. Passport or faroese and danish driver’s licences are approved as ID.

Call 1881 and book a time for personal registration to avoid waiting.

See how to register for Samleikin in the the video below. (choose English subtitiles)

Log in using Samleikin

Go to the app or website that you want to log in to, f.x.

  • Press login and enter your PIN
  • A picture will be shown on the login screen and Samleikin is activated
  • Confirm in the app, that the picture in the app and on the login screen are the same
  • Enter your personal PIN in Samleikin app
  • You have completed the login

Samleikin can be used to log in to digital services from service providers using Samleikin. An overview of service providers can be found by following the link below.

Service providers

See video instructions on how to log in (choose English subtitles)

Transfer Samleikin to another device

It is possible to transfer Samleikin from a former device to the other, in case you need to replace your phone or tablet. Before transferring Samleikin, you have to make sure to download Samleikin app on both devices.

  • Go to settings in Samleikin app
  • Press “Transfer Samleikin” and follow the instructions listed in the app

Samleikin can only be used on one device at the time.

Prepare your computer for the USB stick

Before using Samleikin USB stick, you need to prepare your computer. You have to download a program.


If you use Windows, you will find the program in Microsoft Store. Search for Nexus Smart ID or go to the link below to download the program

Nexus Smart ID til Windows

Please note that your operating system can not be older than Windows 10.

Apple and Linux

If you use Apple or Linux you can download the programs in the link below

Personal Desktop App for Apple og Linux

Log in using USB

If you have Samleikin on a USB stick, you will need a computer to log in.

See how to log in with an USB stick in the instructions below (choose English subtitles)

Forgot PIN?

Your PIN will not be registered. If you forget your PIN, you have to register Samleikin again.

Please remember your PIN and do not share it with others.

Good advice to create PIN

It is very important to create a good and safe PIN. Your PIN secures your information and your privacy.

Your Samleikin PIN has to be six numbers. We recommend you avoid

  • Series of numbers such as 123456 or 987654
  • Your own or your children's birthday
  • Your phone number

The PIN must be easy to remember, but difficult to guess. Your PIN is private and secret and must not be shared with others.

Your Samleikin PIN should be as secret as your credit card PIN.

Do not write down your PIN.

IT safety

Samleikin is your digital ID, so you should manage it as you would with a passport.

Samleikin is stored on your device. Do not let others access your Samleiki. Samleikin is personal.

Choose a PIN that is easy to remember, but difficult for others to guess. Memorize your PIN, because you will have to use it every time you log in with Samleikin.

Don't have a Faroese/Danish ID

Read more about applying for Samleikin with a foreign passport in the link below.

Samleikin with foreign passport


We are very busy at the moment. Please call 1881 and book an appoint if you need to register Samleikin at Staravegur 9.


How to register Samleikin
For registration in the app, you must have a Faroese or Danish ID
Foreign ID

If you don't have a Faroese or Danish ID, you must register Samleikin at Staravegur 9 in Tórshavn. Bring your passport.